Golf Cart Etiquette: Mastering Manners on the Green

golf cart etiquette

When you’re cruising around the golf course, it’s easy to get caught up in the game and forget about the unwritten rules of the road—golf cart etiquette and style. Golf cart etiquette is more than just manners; it ensures safety and enhances the enjoyment for everyone on the course. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or…

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The Swingin’ Deal Between Panini America and LIV Golf

panini america and liv golf

In an unprecedented match-up, the Dallas-based trading card giant, Panini America, known for its sticky relationships with various sports leagues, has teed off a fresh partnership with the controversial, but undeniably stylish, LIV Golf. This strategic alliance is seen as Panini’s daring drive into uncharted fairways, leaving traditionalists in the bunker as they pivot from…

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Canadian Woman’s Lawsuit After Face-Off with a Golf Ball

canadian woman lawsuit hit by golf ball

In the quaint town where golf carts roam more freely than wildlife, a B.C. woman’s leisurely drive took a dramatic turn. The serene backdrop of the Victoria Golf Club became the setting for an unexpected incident, leading us into a legal drive through the rough. A Sudden Swing of Fate for Canadian Woman and Golf…

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Caddy Chronicles: Tales from a Seasoned Golf Caddy

caddy chronicles

Imagine this: after a day of golfing, we’re sitting back with our drinks, letting the day’s events simmer down. The caddy, a seasoned veteran with a twinkle in his eye, starts to share some stories and the caddy chronicles begin. And oh, what tales they are! They’re not just about golf, they’re about life itself,…

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Golf Tournament for the Clumsy: Where Mishaps Meet the Fairway

golf tournament for the clumsy

In a bold move that has the golfing world teetering on the edge of their seats (and their golf carts), the first-ever Golf Tournament for the Clumsy has been announced. Set in the prestigious Oops-a-Daisy Links, this event promises to celebrate the not-so-graceful golfer in all of us, where the mishaps don’t just happen—they’re practically…

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Aaron Hicks Yankees’ Swinging Saga: Golf vs. Baseball

aaron hicks golf

The Curious Case of the Yankees’ Golf Dilemma In the illustrious and often unpredictable narrative of sports, a peculiar subplot unfolds with the New York Yankees at its center. Could it be that America’s favorite pastime feels threatened by the tranquil sport of golf? Let us delve into this tale of bats battling against clubs!…

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