Golf Cigar Accessories: Smoke on the Course in Style

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Golf cigar accessories are the perfect way to combine two of life’s greatest pleasures: golf and cigars.

This classic pairing brings a touch of sophistication and relaxation to the game, as players leisurely stroll the greens with a fine stogie in hand.

golf cigar accessories

In this fun and informative blog post, we’ll introduce you to 10 must-have golf cigar accessories that will elevate your golfing experience and showcase your passion for cigars.

So, light up, tee off, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of golf cigar accessories!

Top 10 Golf Cigar Accessories

Finding the perfect golf cigar accessories can take your game to the next level. From high-end ashtrays and cutters to t-shirts, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you want to make a statement on the green or take your golfing experience up a notch, these top 10 golf cigar accessories are just what you need. Shop now and get ready for a unique round of golf!

#1. Golf Ball Cigar Ashtray – The Embellished Cigar Accessory for Golf Enthusiasts

Golf Ball Cigar Ashtray – Golfing Cigar Accessories
The Golf Ball Cigar Ashtray is a luxurious accessory, perfect for golf enthusiasts. The rosewood base is custom embellished, and the stainless-steel tray and cigar rest offer enough space to enjoy your cigar securely. Packaged in a gift box, it makes an excellent gift for cigar lovers.

Introducing the perfect companion for any cigar-loving golfer! The Golf Ball Cigar Ashtray is a luxurious golf accessory that combines functionality and decoration.

Elegant Design

Crafted with a rosewood base and custom designs, this well-crafted ashtray adds a touch of elegance to your home, office, or golf club.

Perfect Size

Featuring a stainless steel cigar tray with a 2 3/4″ inside diameter and a 3 3/4″ long cigar rest, this ashtray is 6 7/8″ long x 3 7/8″ wide x 7/8″ tall. The perfect size for ample ash space while keeping your cigars safe and secure.

The Perfect Gift

This beautifully packaged ashtray makes a perfect gift for any golf enthusiast who loves smoking premium cigars while relaxing at home or on the golf course.

Elevate Your Experience

Don’t settle for an ordinary ashtray. Elevate your cigar-smoking experience with the Golf Ball Cigar Ashtray, the perfect combination of class and functionality. Order now and enjoy the luxury of this masterfully-crafted ashtray!

#2. Golf Cigar Accessories: The Ultimate Cigar Caddy Gift Set for Golfers

Cigar Caddy Gift Set
Elevate your golf game with the Cigar Caddy Golf Gift Set! This mini golf bag humidor includes a torch lighter, cutter, and cigar holder, making it perfect for golfers who love cigars. The sturdy clip attaches to golf bags, keeping cigars fresh while on the course.

Are you ready to tee up with the ultimate golfing accessory? Look no further than the Cigar Caddy Golf Gift Set! This mini golf bag humidor is a hole-in-one for cigar lovers who enjoy hitting the links.

Keep Your Cigars Fresh on the Green with Golf Bag Humidor

The Golf Bag Humidor is the perfect solution for golfers who want to enjoy a fresh cigar on the green. Standing tall at 8″, it has a unique clip that attaches right onto your golf bag, making it easy to carry during a round.

Keep Your Cigars Fresh

This humidor can hold up to nine 50-ring cigars and features a Spanish cedar bottom to keep them fresh and flavorful.

The Perfect Golf Gift Set

The Cigar Caddy Golf Gift Set is the ultimate package for cigar-loving golfers. It includes a triple flame torch lighter, cutter, and caddy clip cigar holder in one sleek package.

Wind-Resistant Flame

The Triple Flame Torch Lock ensures a continuous flame, even in windy conditions. Plus, it’s refillable so you can enjoy your cigars on the fairway for years to come.

Perfect Cut Every Time

The ABS Black Guillotine Cutter makes for a snappy cut every time, ensuring the perfect draw every time.

Convenient Caddy Clip Holder

The golf ball-shaped caddy clip holder keeps your cigar dry and free of pesticides, dirt, and fertilizer. No more wet grips! Plus, it even holds club handles off the wet turf at the tee or on the green.

Take Your Cigar Game to the next level

The Golf Bag Humidor and Cigar Caddy Golf Gift Set provide everything you need to elevate your cigar game on the green. Get ready to enjoy fresh cigars in style with this ultimate golf accessory kit.

#3. Keep Your Cigar Safe on the Golf Course with the Hole-in-One-Cigar Holder

Hole-In-One Cigar Holder
The Hole-in-One-Cigar Holder is the perfect accessory for golfers who love cigars. It protects your cigar from getting crushed or ruined by dew and residue from pesticides and fertilizers. Proudly made in the USA, this original patented design holds up to a 54-ring cigar.

Attention all golfers and cigar aficionados! We have the ultimate solution to keep your cigar safe while you golf – the Hole-in-One-Cigar Holder!

Protect Your Cigar Anytime, Anywhere

When you’re out on the course, you don’t want to worry about dew or residue from pesticides and fertilizers ruining your cigar. With the Hole-in-One-Cigar Holder, you can rest easy knowing your cigar is safe and sound.

Not to mention, it also protects your smoke from getting crushed when you’re cruising around in the cart!

Original Patented Design

Don’t settle for imitations – this is the original patented design that has won the hearts of golf-loving cigar enthusiasts across the country.

It can hold up to a 54-ring cigar, so you can keep your smoke of choice close at hand.

Golf Cigar Accessories Proudly Made in the USA

And here’s the kicker – the Hole-in-One-Cigar Holder is proudly made in the USA! So not only are you treating yourself to the ultimate golf accessory, but you’re also supporting American-made products.

Outdoor Use Only

Just remember, this baby is meant for outdoor use only. So, next time you’re stepping up to the tee, make sure the most important ball in your bag is the one that holds your cigar – the Hole-in-One-Cigar Holder!

#4. PUFF CADDY® Golf Ball Cigar Holder: Your Solution to Damage-Free Smoking on the Course

Puff Caddy® | Golf Ball – Black | Cigar Holder for Golf Cars & Carts
The PUFF CADDY® Golf Ball Cigar Holder is a game-changer for cigar-loving golfers. Damage-free, easy to use, and with an ashtray included, it works with any large ring gauge cigars, so you’ll get to enjoy a wind-protected and ash-free smoking experience on the course!

Introducing the ultimate accessory for cigar-loving golfers – the PUFF CADDY® Golf Ball Cigar Holder for Golf Cars & Carts!

Damage-Free Cigar Resting

Say goodbye to clips and magnets that often result in ruining your precious cigars. The PUFF CADDY allows your cigar to rest in a natural horizontal position without squeezing or damaging the wrapper.

No more burning your golf cart seats 🙂

Easy to Use

This cigar holder is perfect for single one-handed use. It securely fits into the golf ball holder portion of the golf car/cart, so you can enjoy your smoke without any hassle.

Golf Cigar Accessories Tactful Design

With this golf ball cigar holder, you won’t lose your cup holder! It’s compact, durable, and washable. Plus, it comes with a micro-fiber carrying sleeve for easy storage in your golf bag.

Integrated Ashtray

The PUFF CADDY also features an integrated ashtray, which keeps your cigar cherry protected against the wind while catching leftover ash.


This cigar holder is designed for use in Golf Cars/Carts (Yamaha, E-Z Go, Club Car). It works with large ring gauge size cigars, so you can enjoy any cigar of your choice.

Say goodbye to damaged cigars and hello to an enjoyable golfing experience with the PUFF CADDY® Golf Ball Cigar Holder for Golf Cars & Carts!

#5 Golf Cigar Accessories: Handmade Copper Cigar Holder for Golf Carts

Cigar Holder for Golf Cart – Handmade Copper
Handmade Copper Cigar Holder for Golf Carts – This cigar holder is perfect for the golfing enthusiast. It is made from solid copper and features two N42 Neodymium Magnets to protect and show off cigars of any length from 40 to 60 ring gauge.

Easily accessible and looks like a high end handcrafted piece of jewelry – the last cigar holder you will ever need.

Check out the Handmade Copper Cigar Holder for Golf Carts

  • Designed by a golfer for golfers
  • Works with any length cigar from 40 to 60-ring gauge
  • Dimensions: 1″ diameter and 2 1/4″ length
  • Solid copper construction with (2) N42 Neodymium Magnets
  • Makes a great gift!

The Handmade Copper Cigar Holder for Golf Carts is the perfect accessory for cigar-loving golfers. It protects your cigar while keeping it in plain sight, allowing it to breathe and preventing it from going out.

This holder has been designed by a golfer to fit any length of cigars between 40 to 60 Ring Gauge and can be slightly stretched or compressed depending on the size of the cigar.

Made with solid copper and featuring two super-strong N42 Neodymium Magnets, this holder won’t smash or damage your cigars.

Buy an extra one as a great gift for your friends – they’ll all want one once they see how classy and functional it is!

#6 Perfecto Cigar Holder – A Must-Have Golf Cigar Accessory for the Cigar Lover

Perfecto Cigar Holder
Perfecto’s Portable Cigar Holder is a must-have for the cigar lover. This patented design gently cradles cigars, catching ashes without crushing them. Accommodates all cigar sizes and attaches to golf carts in seconds with one hand. Additional protection with a 1″ tray & take it anywhere!

Are you a cigar lover who’s always on the move? Look no further! The Perfecto Portable Cigar Holder has solved all your problems.

It features a patented design that gently cradles cigars and catches ashes without crushing them.

Plus, it can accommodate any size of cigar, even those with a wide 80-ring gauge. With just one hand, you can snap it onto your golf cart in seconds!

Great Design – Extra Secure

The cleverly designed groove and elevated rest design make this holder extra secure. Plus there is an additional protective 1-inch tray to guarantee your precious stogie stays safe.

You can take this portable ashtray anywhere – on the golf course, at the beach, or even on picnics – keeping your cigars safe from harm wherever you go!


  • The patented design gently cradles cigars, catching ashes without crushing the cigar
  • Accommodates all sizes of cigar (tray is 80 rings wide)
  • Snaps on in seconds – with just one hand
  • Works on all golf cart models
  • Patented groove and elevated rest design, plus 1″ tray for extra protection
  • Take it anywhere!

#7 Golf Insignia Desktop Lighter – Golf Cigar Accessories

Golf Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter Triple Torch Cigar Lighter – Cigar Cutters by Jim
Searching for the perfect golf cigar lighter? Look no further than the Golf Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter! This triple torch, custom-designed stainless steel cigar lighter is designed to fit perfectly in any outdoor or indoor space—the greens included.

Show off your golf passion with the Golf Vector Thundra Desktop Lighter! This triple torch cigar lighter is custom-designed with a Cigar Cutters by Jim logo and has an extra large fuel capacity for maximum performance. It also comes with a Vector “no proof” warranty included.

Boasting a reliable, wind-resistant flame, this desktop lighter fits perfectly in any outdoor or indoor environment—including on the green.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to top off your golfing look or simply want to increase your focus on the course, this stylish lighter is just what you need!

#8 Golf Ball Textured Windproof Ashtray

ZXQC Golf Ball Texture Windproof Ashtray,Ceramic Glaze Solid Color Design,Living Room Home Office Cigar Ashtray (Color : Black Large)
Get the perfect home décor item with the ZXQC Golf Ball Texture Windproof Ashtray! Featuring a unique matte glaze surface, golf concave and convex texture design, this ashtray is crafted from high-quality ceramic material and is windproof.

Great for any setting – inside or outside – and as a special gift! Get yours today!

Give the perfect home décor item with the Golf Ball Texture Windproof Ashtray. This ashtray features a matte glaze surface, golf concave and convex texture for a unique visual space.

Its one-piece molding process and compact shape make it great for any setting – whether inside your home or office or as a special gift.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic material, this ashtray is windproof so you can enjoy cigars without worry!

  • Matte glaze surface with golf concave and convex texture design
  • Compact size – doesn’t take up space in any setting, great for gifts too!
  • One-piece molding process, crafted from high-quality ceramic material
  • Windproof design – enjoy cigars without worry!

#9 Dynasty Golf Cigar Holder – Your Cigar’s Best Friend!

Golf Cigar Holder
Get the Dynasty Golf Cigar Holder for secure smoking on the golf course! It features a magnetic attachment, a 6-in-1 divot tool & ball marker, a cigar clip, and a cigarette holder, ensuring your cigars are kept safe from damage or getting lost. Buy it now to enjoy a smoke while playing golf!

Keep your cigar safe while hitting shots with the Dynasty Golf Cigar Holder. This holder easily sticks into the ground or attaches to your golf cart with a magnet and will keep your cigar secure at all times.

With a 6-in-1 divot tool, ball marker and cigarette holder included, what more could you ask for?

  • The magnetic holder easily sticks to golf carts
  • Holds cigars, cigarettes, and clubs securely
  • Divot repair tool and convenient ball marker
  • 6-in-1 tool includes cigar clip, cigarette holder and more
  • Keeps your cigars safe from damage or getting lost

Get the Dynasty Golf Cigar Holder now and keep your cigars safe while playing golf!

#10 I Just Want to Smoke Cigars & Play Golf T-Shirt

“I Just Want to Smoke Cigars & Play Golf” T-Shirt
Pick up this stylish and comfortable I Just Want To Smoke Cigars & Play Golf T-Shirt for the special smoker, golfer or bourbon lover in your life. Fun design featuring a golfer smoking cigars and crafted from 100% cotton with a pull-on closure – perfect for any occasion!

This stylish and comfortable t-shirt is the perfect gift for any smoker, golfer, or bourbon lover.

Crafted from 100% cotton (or 90% cotton/10% polyester in heather gray) and outfitted with a durable pull-on closure, it’s lightweight but strong enough to last the wear and tear of hours spent on the golf course.


  • Crafted from 100% cotton (or 90% Cotton/10% Polyester in Heather Grey)
  • Durable Pull On Closure
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Double-Needle Sleeve & Bottom Hem
  • Machine Washable

Fun Design: Featuring a fun design featuring a golfer smoking cigars, this shirt is sure to put a smile on your favorite smoker’s face. It’s great for wearing out to the golf club, party, or beach with family and friends!

Great Gift Idea: Looking for an original way to show someone you care? This shirt makes the perfect gift for dad, golf papa, golf mom, son, or daughter

Final Thoughts and Conclusion to Golf Cigar Accessories

Whether you are looking for a unique way to enjoy your golf game or just to accessorize your favorite product, golf cigar accessories can provide the perfect solution.

From ashtrays and cutters to t-shirts, these items can help you elevate your game or just add a bit of extra flavor. With the right tools, you’ll be ready to hit the green with style!

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