Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer’s Swinging Good Time: A Casual Day on the Green!

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Well, folks, it seems that Hollywood’s lovebirds, Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer, have swapped the glitz and glamour for golf clubs and greens!

Yes, you read that right. Our beloved Bella from Twilight is now teeing off in her free time, proving yet again that she’s full of surprises.

According to Just Jared, the engaged duo decided to spend a laid-back day at the golf course. Forget fancy dinner dates or star-studded events; these two are all about keeping things casual and fun. I mean, who needs red carpets when you can go green, right?

Stewart, ever the fashion icon, was sporting a classic golfing look, complete with a polo shirt and cap. Meanwhile, Meyer matched her laid-back vibe with an equally casual ensemble. Talk about #CoupleGoals!

All jokes aside, it’s refreshing to see celebrities enjoying simple pleasures like a round of golf. It just goes to show that despite their fame and fortune, they’re just like us regular folks. Well, except for the part where they’re mega-talented and super famous. But hey, we can’t all be movie stars, can we?

In short, Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer’s golf day has us all wanting to hit the links. Who knew golf could be so glamorous?!

(Source: Just Jared)

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