PGA Tour’s Jason Day Bids Farewell to Nike: A $100M Partnership Ends

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In the world of golf, partnerships between players and brands are often as headline-grabbing as the games themselves. This year, the golf community rings in a new era as Jason Day, the Australian PGA Tour golfer, announces his departure from Nike, marking the first high-profile exit of 2024.

A Swing and a Miss for Nike

The partnership between Jason Day and Nike, which began in 2017, has come to an end after seven long years. The split marks an unpleasant start to the new year for Nike and leaves the sports giant contemplating its future moves.

But what’s next for Jason Day?

Day’s New Dawn with Malbon Golf

Former World No.1 Jason Day has found a new home at Malbon Golf. Compared to big brands like TaylorMade and Greyson Clothier, Malbon Golf is relatively new to the golfing circle. But with this deal, the California-based brand solidifies its footing in the golfing world.

Day will be the first PGA Tour golfer sponsored by Malbon Golf, marking a significant milestone for both parties. While the details of his contract with Malbon Golf remain undisclosed, it’s clear that Day has left behind one of the biggest contractual relationships of his career.

According to Golfweek, Day signed a $100 million contract with Nike in 2016. His departure means leaving behind the hefty $10 million+ per year pay that Nike offered.

A Tough Start to 2024 for Nike

The year 2024 hasn’t kicked off on a positive note for Nike. With Jason Day’s departure and rumors about Tiger Woods’ potential exit, the brand is facing some serious challenges.

There are claims that Nike is planning to outsource its golf business through an original equipment manufacturer. There are also rumors that Nike Golf could be run through Srixon or Cleveland. Whatever the case, it’s clear that the brand may see some significant operational changes in the months to come.

Despite these challenges, fan favorites like Rory McIlroy and Nelly Korda are expected to continue their partnerships with Nike, offering a glimmer of hope for the brand amid the uncertainty.

The golf community is witnessing a new chapter in its history with Jason Day’s departure from Nike. As we watch this story unfold, it’s clear that in golf, as in life, the only constant is change.

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My Take on Jason Day’s Nike Breakup

Now, we all know breakups can be tough, but when there’s a hundred million on the line, it’s less ‘tearful goodbye’ and more ‘did he just do what we think he did?’ Oh yes, he did!

So, what’s next for our golfing champ? Well, he’s teed off in a new direction, and it’s not towards the usual suspects like TaylorMade or Greyson Clothier. No, Day has taken a leap of faith into the arms of Malbon Golf. That’s right, the California-based newbie on the block is now home to one of golf’s biggest names. Talk about punching above your weight, eh, Malbon?

Meanwhile, Nike is left scratching its head, wondering if their golf shoes are starting to lose their grip. With rumors of Tiger Woods also considering an exit, it seems like Nike might need to consider a mulligan. Maybe outsourcing their golf business? Or perhaps running Nike Golf through Srixon or Cleveland? Either way, it’s safe to say they’re not exactly teeing off 2024 with a hole-in-one.

But hey, let’s not forget, they still have Rory McIlroy and Nelly Korda swinging their clubs in the Nike corner. So, all hope is not lost. After all, in the game of golf (and brand partnerships), it’s all about the long game.

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